Casitas de Hualdo - 250 ml Pack of 12 bottles


From our desire to promote the culture of the EVOO, this oil was specially designed for children. With its fantasy design, Casitas de Hualdo cares for their health while teaches them about the essence of the Mediterranean diet. 

Sweet, tasty and healthy 


Ideal for breakfast: Casitas and tomato on toast.

It helps introduce plenty of food in the children eating daily routine, such as soups, vegetables and fish. It is also a good addition to stews and salads. 

Data sheet

Coupage of our varieties Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra and Manzanilla. Obtained from the best batches of our olives for the elaboration of an oil specially conceived for children, due to its soft and silky character.
Directly from the harvest, the best batches of our four tipe of olives are milled with the maximum care.
Stainless steel tanks with inert atmosphere. Bottled practically on demand.
Less than 0,2%