Terms and Conditions

Definition of contract and acceptance documents

These general conditions of contract (hereinafter, the ""general terms and conditions"") govern the contract between Casas de Hualdo SL NIF B16264129, based in Madrid, Prolongación de Embajadores S/N, 28053 and you, hereafter the CLIENT, on the provision, via the Web, of the products offered on the web ""virginoliveoil.com”, in the terms are set out in these Conditions and those contained in the Legal Notice. The first access to the restricted area of the website ""virginoliveoil.com"" by your email address and password gives you the status of USER of services detailed above, and therefore, the condition of Customer and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance from the Client of the Conditions. Sending the registration request by filling the registration form attributes the condition of Client.

The present general terms and conditions together with any specific conditions governing each particular good or service (good purchased, price, payment, delivery way, etc.) will become part of the contract from the time of acceptance thereof, which is verified by the first access of the USER to the restricted area of the website of Casas de Hualdo SL after being made available herein. In the case of electronic procurement, this clause is a valid agreement between the parties with Article 23 and cc of Law 34/2002, of July the 11th, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI).

Similarly those conditions stated in the preceding paragraph will be considered to be accepted the client from the time it chooses the option of purchase, without registration, by the way and means indicated in the web site.

The online store is intended for all types of consumers, whether final or intermediate, in the sense established by Law 26/1984 of July 19th, for the Defense of Consumers and Users, and for use by the Client or people on behalf of whom the Customer is legally authorized to act. As a customer, you declare to be over age and have the legal capacity to be bound by these Terms of trade to hire with Casas de Hualdo SL. notwithstanding this, you agree, expressly and without exception that the access and use of the online shop is under your own responsibility. Casas de Hualdo SL reserves the right to modify at any time without prior notice, the presentation and layout of the store, as well as to suspend access temporarily or permanently.

Customer Obligations

The password is personal and not transferable; it is the obligation of the Customer to ensure its safekeeping, appropriateness and integrity.

Also, the Customer is solely responsible for the choice, loss, theft or unauthorized use of any password or identification code that could be set in the future, and the consequences that may arise from it.

In any case, the Customer can access its data, modify and cancel it through the My Account option you will find in www.virginoliveoil.com or writing to our Internet Customer Service through the Contact option: Through this option the Customer may turn on or off the ability to receive e-mails with information about www.virginoliveoil.com (promotions, advantages and benefits for our clients).

Compensation: In consideration for the Service, the Customer shall be bound to pay the price in the amount and form of payment indicated in the official rates reported by Casas de Hualdo SL to the CUSTOMER.


Provision of service

Casas de Hualdo SL is committed to the provision of the Service under this contract as determined by the conditions thereof agreed with the CLIENT.

Obligations related to the safety and conservation of messages regarding transactions. Casas de Hualdo S.L. undertakes that all strictly confidential transfers of information that are made through its URL will be done under a secure server, so that the information transmitted is encrypted and inaccessible to anyone else. Both parties agree expressly to the preservation of all information exchanged between them, either through the URL of Casas de Hualdo SL or via email, as proof of the transactions.

With respect to the means and systems under their control Casas de Hualdo S.L. guarantees, the availability of its website and service through the network. However, Casas de Hualdo SL is not be held responsible for interruptions and deterioration in the quality of the service availability due to causes beyond the control of Casas de Hualdo SL, and without limitation as for reasons attributable to failures in the IT infrastructure of the customer and/or users, failures attributable to acts of God or other outsourced vendors involved that enable Casas de Hualdo SL to provide services.


All notices, modifications and communications from Casas de Hualdo SL to the Customer will be held as effective for all purposes when performed in any of the following ways:

sent by mail to the address indicated by the Customer;

emailing to any of the mailboxes that the customer designates at the time of signing up;

communication through a telephone call to the telephone number indicated by the Customer or subsequently modified by Customer under this Clause.

For these purposes, you acknowledge that all information provided by you is true and correct and agree to notify Casas de Hualdo SL all changes relating to your home address, payment data and all information necessary for the management and maintenance of the contractual relationship between Casas de Hualdo SL and the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of its data. Customer communications with Casas de Hualdo SL should be directed to Customer Service at the following address: info [at] virginoliveoil.com or by telephone to the Customer Service number +0034 913 791 900.

Method of payment, price and product delivery

Casas de Hualdo SL is an online store that offers bottled products of olive oil from a computer, so that the Customer can purchase them without moving about. Casas de Hualdo SL guarantees the price of the day you made the purchase, regardless of the day when delivery is made, so that the customer can take advantage of all the offers available at the time of placing orders, notwithstanding that, that upon delivery these deals may not be valid. Casas de Hualdo SL informs you that the page will indicate the prices of products including value added tax (VAT) that is applicable unless otherwise indicated.

Casas de Hualdo SL also informs you that the images of the products that the customer can view in the online store are displayed for identification and descriptive purposes only, and they may differ from those finally delivered. Casas de Hualdo SL reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, prices of the Products, and to suspend or cancel the sale of them temporarily or permanently.

Delivery times; Deliveries are made Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, national, regional and local. At the time of delivery, the Customer must sign the delivery note of the order stating that the order has been delivered and accepted. Casas de Hualdo SL will not assume any responsibility for late delivery of orders when this is due to the buyers own fault or the person who has to answer civilly. Overall, and in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, Casas de Hualdo SL is not be held responsible when damages are caused by the buyers own fault or by the people who have to respond civilly.

Service Charges

Shipping charges will be as indicated on page Shipping Costs. Shipping Costs

Billing and payment methods

For those clients who need to have an invoice, it is noted that in accordance with Royal Decree 1496/2003, published in the Official Gazette of November 29, 2003, the deadline for issuing invoices will be the 16th day the month following the month in which the purchase was made.

Payment can be made by the following means:

Credit or debit cards


Casas de Hualdo SL guarantees the Customer total security of its transactions, since we have the latest technological standards at the time of first operation of the store, in terms of protocols and security services: Documentary confirmation of the contract by Casas de Hualdo SL, will send it once these General Purchase Conditions are expressly accepted, confirmation of the contract made with all terms, electronically via email.

Disclaimer Casas de Hualdo SL

Acts of God, For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions Acts of God shall mean, including but not limited to, (1) all unforeseeable events non culpable, or that being foreseen or foreseeable, is unavoidable, (2) the failure of the access to the different web pages of the online store, (3) the failure of the main supply of electricity or telephone, (4 ) damages caused by third parties or attacks (viruses) to the Portal server that affect the quality of the services and are not attributable to Casas de Hualdo SL or to the Customer, (5) the failure of transmission, distribution, storage or disposal to others of the products and other contents of the Site, (6) the problems or errors in the reception or access to the online store from such third parties, (7) fire (8) floods or earthquakes, (9) strikes or labor disputes or other social disorders that prevent the supply of Products and therefore compliance with the obligations assumed by Casas de Hualdo SL, (10) the scarcity or unavailability of fuel or electricity, (11) accidents (12) warfare (13) trade embargoes of any kind, (14) blockades (15) riots, or (16) by reason of any government regulation.

Returns Privacy

Privacy and protection of personal data; Casas de Hualdo SL maintains a policy of confidentiality of the data provided by its customers, or third parties, committing to the protection of personal data of the Customers of the online store. Data protection extends to all matters relating to the recollection and use of information provided through the Website. For more information see: Privacy Policy

Customers have and may exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by contacting Casas de Hualdo SL via email: info[at]virginoliveoil.com


Terms of Service

www.virginoliveoil.com this website is owned and managed by the company Casas de Hualdo SL which complete address details are:

Company name: Casas de Hualdo SL

CIF: B16284129

Registered Office: Prolongación de Embajadores, s/n.

C.P.: 28053


Phone: +0034 913791900

E-mail info [arroba] virginoliveoil.com

Rights and obligations of the user

The use of any of the services offered on the Website attributes, from the beginning, the condition of User and will be considered expressed and voluntary acceptance, and without reservation of these Terms Conditions.

For access to the services of this website, in everything not free of charge, imposes a number of obligations, the user must be over age and have the legal capacity required to be legally bound.

The use of services offered on the Website implies that the user states that it meets these requirements.

The user who accesses the Web site must comply with these Terms and Conditions and the special instructions to be displayed at all times. It also undertakes to always act according to the law, morality and the requirements of good faith, using the diligence appropriate to the nature of the service enjoyed. Thus, the user may not make any modification or alteration of the content of the Website, except for the data that the user has inserted itself, or prejudice in any way the integrity or operation.

The personal data required from the user to access these services shall be subject to the general legislation on data protection. It will be recorded in the databases owned by Casas de Hualdo SL, covered by Law 15/ 1999 on protection of personal data.

Casas de Hualdo SL may cancel or suspend access to the Site if the User has breached any of the obligations set forth in these Conditions. The user who intentionally or culpably breaches any of the foregoing obligations is liable for all resulting damages, caused to Casas de Hualdo SL or to a third party.

Casas de Hualdo SL Responsibility

Casas de Hualdo SL reserves the right to make changes on the Website and in these Conditions.

On the other hand, given the particular nature of the chosen medium to communicate with users, Casas de Hualdo SL cannot assume responsibility:

For a temporary inability to access the Website at a particular time, or specific information from those included in Casas de Hualdo SL or those Web sites the user accesses through hypertext links located on the Website.

For the accuracy or timeliness of the content, information and offers of products and services provided.

In the website there is simplified information available either written with the intention of making it easier to understand by the average user, so Casas de Hualdo SL not responsible for any misinterpretation that could give rise to the information contained herein, except by negligence of Casas de Hualdo SL in the exercise of their functions, as described in the General Conditions.

Casas de Hualdo SL will not respond in any way for damage caused as a result of acts of God or unforeseeable, nor for those that are the result of negligent behavior of the user.

Intellectual property

All content, trademarks, designs, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, domain names, and any other features or elements that can be protected by intellectual and industrial property rights part of the Web Site are owned houses Hualdo SL or public domain or third parties who have authorized their inclusion on the Website and listed as authors or righteous holders.

Under no circumstances shall it be understood that any license is granted or that any waiver, transfer, sale of all or part of such rights, or confer any rights, in particular, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication of the contents are being done, without the prior express written authorization of Casas de Hualdo SL (with respect to the site design or use of the mark ""Casas de Hualdo SL"") or relevant third parties.

Violations of any of the rights of intellectual property to which this section relates shall be prosecuted by criminal and civil actions provided for in the legislation.


Any dispute or controversy arising between Casas de Hualdo SL and a User on the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions or, in general, related directly or indirectly to the use of services offered on the Website shall be settled by the Courts of Madrid, Spain.

As a previous requisite to the commencement of litigation, Casas de Hualdo SL and the User agree to negotiate in good faith to resolve the dispute for a period of one (1) month from the date on which either party gives written notice to the other of its intention to potentially litigate.


Any communication that may be necessary between Casas de Hualdo SL and the user, it must be sent to the address indicated by Casas de Hualdo SL, in any of the various media (mail, phone or e-mail) as indicated in the CONTACT section of the Web.

Communications from Casas de Hualdo SL to the USER shall be made using the information provided by the User to register on the Website or through the data provided in the first report submitted by the User.