Arbequina - 500 ml Gift box


Harmonious, fragrant, delicate and very aromatic oil. The silvery colour of its label speaks of its elegance and subtlety.

Full of aromas, it evokes feelings of artichoke, grass and tomato plant, giving rise to a harmonious and perfumed whole.

Our Virgin Extra is presented in an elegant case.

A soft, sweet and subtle Arbequina, which expresses the goodness of our climate.


Taste it with grilled meat, white meat and roast lamb.

Fatty fishes in simple cooking. We recommend incorporating it into a recipe for cooked and sliced octopus and sprinkled with a vinaigrette made with spring onions, bits of olives with anchovies, coarse or flaked salt, sherry vinegar and Arbequina from Casas de Hualdo.

Virgen Extra ideal to combine with legumes: fabada, beans, lentils, green beans. Vegetables such as mushrooms, mushrooms, pumpkin, asparagus or any type of potato preparation.

Very good with cannelloni, lasagne, ravioli... semi-cured and blue cheeses. Perfect for making doughs in confectionery.

Data sheet

Typically Mediterranean with cold winters and dry hot summers. Olive groves located between 400 and 600 meters high, with different distances between plants looking for the highest quality possible. The majority of the soil type is sandy loam. Type: Mediterranean with cold winters and dry summers. With high rainfall and marked thermal oscillations.
This variety of olive, of Catalan origin, is grown in different types of soil on the estate, and at different distances between plants.
Cold extraction within 6 hours of harvesting to ensure high nutritional and sensory value.
Stainless steel tanks with inert atmosphere. Bottled practically on demand.
Keep away from direct light and heat
Less than 0,2%