Organic - 500 ml Pack of 12 bottles


Assembly of our organic varieties Arbequina and Cornicabra is a perfect balance between the marked character of the cornicabra variety, and the subtle fruitiness of the arbequina. Made under extreme olive growing conditions, in our olive groves at an altitude of 800m, in La Mancha, Cuenca.

The result is a pleasant and fragrant oil, very balanced, with a long aftertaste. Above all, work has been done to contain the characteristic bitterness and itchiness of the cornicabra, without renouncing its marked character, which fits perfectly with that of the arbequina.

Fresh, fragrant and complex oil. Smooth sensations of tomato and ripe fruit appear, along with subtle green touches. Aromas of tomato, arugula, endive, green apple and green grass are discovered, prevailing ripe notes of apple and banana.

This EVOO is another example of our commitment to caring for the environment, sustainability and continuous improvement.


Our organic EVOO gives character to arugula, tomato and dried fruit salads. In the kitchen, enhance the rabbit rice and squid fries. Ideally paired with spoon dishes like fabadas and cabbage stewed pinto beans. How about pairing it with sweet and salty touches on a turkey stuffed with raisins and chestnuts?

Data sheet

Very chalky and poor soils, and with a very low rainfall, the only contribution of water for the olive tree.
Cold extraction to guarantee a high nutritional and sensorial value.
Stainless steel tanks under inert atmosphere. Packaging practically on demand
Keep away from direct light and heat
Less than 0,2%