Reserva de Familia - 500 ml Pack of 6 bottles


A very limited edition. From the best batches of our olives, we elaborate this blend of our four varietals during the early days of the harvest: Picual, Arbequina, Cornicabra and Manzanilla.

A precious treasure carefully selected and kept under lock and key at Casas de Hualdo.

Pack of 6 x 500 ml 

Extraordinary, balanced and remarkably rich in nuances. 


Pairs amazingly with all sort of stewed and spiced meats, casseroles… very elaborated dishes.

Ideal for all kinds of fish and rice dishes. Rocket salads, radish and fresh onions.

Pulses and vegetables: lentils with chorizo, stews, green beans with ham, swiss chard, Brussel sprouts, endives, spinach, stuffed tomatoes, peppers…

Tapas: chorizo, morcilla, cecina, pinchos morunos.

Tapas: chorizo, black pudding, cured beef, pincho moruno skewers…

Excellent on tomato sauces. Caneloni and pizzas. Semicured and cured cheese. Chocolate desserts.

  • GRAN MENZIONE 2017 y 2018.L'Orciolo d'Oro (Italia)
  • MEDALLA DE PLATA 2017. NEW YORK International Olive Oil Competition.

Data sheet

Coupage of our varieties Picual, Arbequina, Cornicabra and Manzanilla. Obtained from the best batches of our four varieties and after long hours of tasting. It is our crown jewel, a true treasure carefully chosen and kept under lock and key... Its careful elaboration ensures the perfect blend between balance, complexity and persistence. Aimed at select palates, it is present on the tables of expert tasters and loyal consumers of premium oils.
Directly from the harvest, the four best batches of olives selected from our olive groves are milled with the maximum care.
Stainless steel tanks with inert atmosphere. Bottled practically on demand.
Keep away from direct light and heat.
Less than 0,2%