Mixed pack of 250 ml


Taste our single-variety oils: Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra and Manzanilla. To enjoy each variety and appreciate its differences we present a mixed pack of 12 bottles of 250 ml, 3 for each of our "extra virgin".

Choose the pack that best suits your taste.

  • 250 char. max

All our single-variety oils have been awarded many international prizes for their excellent quality, and are the result of our respect for tradition and our commitment to innovation.

Arbequina is a harmonious, fragrant, delicate and very aromatic oil. It is ideal for simply cooked fish and all types of meat. Combine it with legumes, vegetables, pasta and semi-cured and blue cheeses.

Picual is an intense oil of great complexity and high persistence in the mouth. Enjoy it in meat stews, baked fish, sausages, cheeses and salads.

Cornicabra is an oil with a robust, bitter and spicy flavour, highly appreciated for its quality. Combine it with rice, vegetables, pesto pasta and cured cheeses.

Manzanilla is a perfect oil for those looking for intense fruit. It combines perfectly with spoon dishes, baked fish and game, and is ideal for making sauces.